Monday, August 20, 2012

All is Well!

Wow, it's been forever since I have posted. I probably wouldn't post now, but a FEW people have been asking me to blog again. You know who you are, and I capitalize few because those are the only people who probably read this blog. Oh well, it is good documentation as well.

Life has been happening. It has been CRAZY! I started a new job. I enjoyed what I did at USM, but the grant ended and we were not refunded. Talk about a low point, when you wonder how you will pay the bills because you have no
job. Those were some rough weeks, but I have to tell you God is good. My last day at USM I had an interview with Hattiesburg Clinic. Who knew, I would end up in healthcare. It really was God's hand in all of this. About a week and a half later I was offered the job and working at Hattiesburg Clinic as a Business Office Training Specialist. Basically, I will learn their software: Epic and then train other employees. Pretty cool huh?! So, I still get to train and help people. And ultimately helping people is what I want to do in life. It was hard leaving USM, but I'm so thankful for this new opportunity. I am
on a new adventure. God really showed us His plan, and we are so thankful.

What's Patrick been up to you ask?Well he has been the most understanding, supportive husband I could ask for. We went through some hard times, but he was always there. I am beyond thankful for him. He's been working hard, playing golf when he can, and saving the world in xBox! Ha!

We are counting down the days until football season!! My favorite time of the year! Go Eagles!! SMTTT!

And even though I'm late I want to wish my dad a very happy birthday! I am so thankful for him!

And today is Grandaddy Patterson's 99th birthday! How awesome! He has the sweetest spirit!

I'm on my own little adventure this week. I'll have to tell you about it next time.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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